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    Hello all - I have two spots open in the D-II Fantasy Football league that is hosted right here on the message board in the Fantasy Football section. I wanted to see if anyone might be interested in joining us this year!

    It works just like regular fantasy football. We have a draft in the chat room on, I keep track of the rosters and do all the scoring each week, you set your lineup each week. If you want to check out how it works, head to the Fantasy Football section!

    If there are more than two people interested, I will give preference to those with seniority and higher number of posts, because the #1 trait we need in an owner is to be active all season long, from now until Thanksgiving.

    Leave your post below if you are interested! Thank you!

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    If you still have the spots open, I'd be willing to be the village idiot.
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    Im in!

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    Do you have any more openings


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