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Thread: 2019 CIAA Football Predictions

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    Default 2019 CIAA Football Predictions

    What is your take on the 2019 CIAA Season?

    1. Virginia Union ( 9-1)
    2. Bowie St ( 7-3)
    3. Chowan ( 7-3)
    4. Virginia St ( 6-4)
    5. Elizabeth City St ( 1-10)
    6. Lincoln (PA) ( 1-9)

    1. Winston-Salem ( 7-3)
    2. Fayetteville St ( 6-4)
    3. Shaw ( 5-5)
    4. Livingstone ( 3-7)
    5. St. Augustine's ( 3-7)
    6. Johnson C. Smith ( 2-8)

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    Default Re: 2019 CIAA Football Predictions

    I hope WSSU can go 7-3 with half of a coaching staff and no AD.

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    Default Re: 2019 CIAA Football Predictions

    Don't know about the records but I about agree with your order; however, I think 2-4 in the North could all be interchangeable. 4-6 in the South could all be interchangeable as well, but you might be right about JCSU being last. Blounts contract expires this year, and he actually applied for the WSSU AD job. So I'm guessing he's already dialed it in at JCSU and is just going to ride out this last season.

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    Default Re: 2019 CIAA Football Predictions

    In my opinion, the North might be close but don't count out Bowie just yet, and the VUU/VSU game, you can pretty much throw out the records because anything has and will happen with that game. As far as the South is concerned, I don't see anyone else competing for the title besides WSSU and FSU, but someone earlier said it best: with half a staff and no permenant AD, WSSU will be greatly handicapped and will have to rely on veteran leadership or things will slide downhill real fast.

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    Default Re: 2019 CIAA Football Predictions

    Looking at that first game this coming season with WSSU at UNCP, my ole Braves bud said they they're going to be pretty good this year because almost everyone's coming back. Didn't think much about it at the time, figured it was pride talking, but then I checked. Surprisingly, UNCP's top 4 rushers, top 5 receivers, and their starting QB are all coming back, add in a D2 All American Kicker, their whole O-Line, along with most of their starting defense players returning, (they are returning 21 out of 22 starters, including all of their skill players) and he may have a legitimate reason to be pretty optimistic about 2019.

    Also, add in the fact that their coach knew that last season would be a rebuilding year, so he also went ahead and red-shirted a lot of his top recruited players. My Brave's friend may be right about them being loaded for at least the next couple of years.

    Based on the present circumstances, I'm not going to give an early prediction for this year's match-up.

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    Default Re: 2019 CIAA Football Predictions

    Some thoughts on LTBunny's predictions

    1. Virginia Union ( 9-1) - Assumes they beat Lenoir-Rhyne and loses to Hampton? Needs a QB.
    2. Bowie St ( 7-3) - Has a veteran backup QB assuming the reigns and has a stout defense. Hard to see three losses, but there are challenges.
    3. Chowan ( 7-3) - A healthy defense will have them top 2 and a legit threat to take the crown.
    4. Virginia St (6-4) - Needs a running game asap.
    5. Elizabeth City St ( 1-10) - I guess they beat Allen, lose to Lincoln? I think ECSU is going to do better than winning just 1 game this year.
    6. Lincoln (PA) ( 1-9) I guess they beat ECSU? The OL has to get substantially better to be competitive.

    1. Winston-Salem ( 7-3) Not sure what to think of this ranking. There are a ton of question marks with coaching and the loss of Kerrion Moore and LB Pat Green.
    2. Fayetteville St ( 6-4) - This would put FSU at their proverbial glass ceiling of 6 wins. Potential losses to Chowan (50/50 game), Wingate, Benedict, Shaw, WSSU.
    3. Shaw ( 5-5) - 1, 2, and 3 are interchangable. Of the three contenders, Shaw has some big question marks on offense. Who is going to pass? Who is going to run? They have an excellent WR corps and good defense though.
    4. Livingstone ( 3-7) - Winnable games against ECSU, Lincoln, JCSU, Allen. QB Miles Hayes should be better this year. Defense will be a question
    5. St. Augustine's ( 3-7) - Well, DJ Johnson and Lenwood Joyner are gone. Not sure what to make of the Falcons.
    6. Johnson C. Smith ( 2-8) - Two wins might be optimistic for JCSU this year.

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    @gr8ness97 You are own it!! my thoughts are.

    WSSU still have a decent nucleus of coaches and with a young quarterback coming in on a high horse after that FSU game and majority of the defense coming back they should be ok. Sometimes kids rally when adversity hits other fold. In this case I see WSSU being the cream of a weak southern division.

    with BSU they could have easily gone 5-5 reg season with one score wins against VSU, WSSU, Mckendree and Alderson Broaddas with ALL WORLD QB Amir Hall. Without him there is an unknown. Not to mention they lost their OC.

    with BSU and Chowan who knows; thats why i didnt put the division records in.

    VUU I don't see them losing two games in a row with the staff and talent they have. If they lose it will be one for the first to games in my opinion. They still have to replace Shamdu Nalls.

    ECSU and Lincoln will be better. New coaches normally get better in year two.

    JCS will be having a farewell tour for someone!! Two might be a stretch.



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