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Thread: 2019 DONOR List

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    Default 2019 DONOR List

    Thanks to:

    My friend NWFanatic for kicking things off for MIAA participants in 2019. Your support and friendship over the years is greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks Brandon! The feeling is mutual! Thanks again for all you do for D2!

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    Time to add TommyLan to the list. Your support is greatly appreciated. It's especially helpful this time of year.

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    Obviously I have a great affection for the Northwest contingent, but I really appreciate it when fans of other teams support the site. If only Northwest fans visited the site not only would it be boring, it would fail to survive. I appreciate that you guys see that this is a labor of love.

    Thank you guys so much.

    Everyone’s support in 2018 made the difference in the survival of the site and many of you have already helped us out in 2019. In a changing online world, user support of sites is becoming a greater part of the puzzle in keeping independent sites in business and I thank you all for being at the forefront of that.

    If some of you prefer to support the site via Patreon or SubscribeStar or another platform like that, please let me know.

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    By request, I have tried to make it easier for you all to help support

    You can support via paypal both monthly and via a single donation. There is also a link to Patreon for those that already have an account there.

    I appreciate everything you guys have already done for us.

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    Thanks to my friends...


    You won't find any people better than these three. I appreciate your friendship and your support of the site.


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