Saw two comprehensive A & M System budgets on-line, not sure which one is accurate since they are different dates..., but each shows five-year budgets for each of the 11 or so schools in the System...

If I recall, the most recent shows Kingsville getting some amount of athletic facility $$$ in 2020, 2021, but the bulk of big $$$ shows being expended in 2023, the last year of the five year period. Generally, when everything is jammed into the longest out year (2023), it is just "filler", or a placeholder.

However, a System-wide budget dated Jan 2018 is more interesting, for Kingsville. It shows three line items for 2020, and three for 2021, various labeled: "Athletic and Intramural Support Building", "Athletic Campaign Building", "Kinesthetic Studies Facility", "NCAA Women's soccer Fields and Field House", "Athletic Venue Improvements", and "Health and Rec Renovation". All of these aggregate $55.7 million.

Most likely submitted when Dr. T. was there.... wonder what the current thinking/status is..., and if this budget was ever seriously discussed.