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Thread: GMAC/GLVC/GLIAC/MEC Realignment

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    Default GMAC/GLVC/GLIAC/MEC Realignment

    I am thinking that there could be some major shifts within these four conferences in the next few years. From what I am hearing, schools are looking to cut travel costs, so here is what I am thinking how it could break down.

    GMAC - lose Kentucky Wesleyan, Trevecca Nazarene, Alderson Broaddus, Davis and Elkins (confirmed to be leaving), and Ohio Valley
    add Notre Dame College, Ashland, Urbana, Uindy, and maybe an NAIA school like Marian or Indiana Wesleyan
    GLVC - Lose Uindy and Lewis
    add Oakland City and Kentucky Wesleyan (also try to go after Washburn and/or bring back Lincoln from the MIAA)
    GLIAC - lose Ashland and
    add Lewis (also look at adding some NAIA Michigan schools)
    MEC - Lose Urbana and Notre Dame College
    add AB, D&E, OVU, Salem, and Bluefield


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    Default Re: GMAC/GLVC/GLIAC/MEC Realignment

    my reply? Where did you get your shrooms?


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