My grandson is getting some looks after his junior year. So far it been a D3 and two DI FCS schools. No offers yet but he's had coach visits, mail and internet communication. One of the FCS schools is kind of local, a SoCon member. I should be clear my grandson is a punter. He averages almost 44 yards per punt, can get great altitude and has excellent placement skills. He is also pretty good at kickoffs, field goals and extra points but punting is his specialty. He's attended kicking schools for the last 5 years. At his high school he use to draw crowds at lunchtime kicking the ball over the school building but the principal put a stop to that. With his kind of number I suspect he will get some offers next season, maybe before. He's a solid B student so that should be no problem. His daddy wants him to go to Wake since that's where he went many moons ago. I'm talking up LRU. I saw old Chip Hester (of Barton) at one of my grandson's games and waved at him. I don't know if he was looking for a kicker or not but my g'son had a great night so I bet he noticed.

On another note it appears the Bears are going to be overloaded with quarterbacks. We've got so many that we could run a different one in on every play. Word is that some of them are going to be playing other positions when the dust clears next fall.

I just can't get over the fact that Coach Tim up at Mars Hill has a Hawaiian connection. In case you don't know he has imported a couple of strong arms from Hulaland to participate in on field festivities for the Lions next season. The Lions were showing their fangs last year but I look for them to be stronger in 2019. Never count out Coach Tim. He has surprised us in the past.

My old pal and fellow Bear Cliff says the surprise team to watch out for is Tusculum. He said they got stronger during the season which is what good teams do. I seems like TC always has a great quarterback but last year to everybody's surprise they ran the ball well.

Since we've moved I can't walk up by the campus and catch a baseball or softball game like I use to do. There is a ballfield kind of close so I walk over there sometimes. I watched a couple of kid games.They are sometimes funny because the kids are young and are not sure what they are supposed to be doing.