The Tuscaloosa Times is reporting Jalen Hurts is transferring to Pitt State!!

Jalen Hurts former Alabama Crimson Tide starting quarterback commits to Pittsburg State (KS) Gorillas football team. In a surprising move, Hurts spurned offers from Texas A&M and other Power 5 schools to drop two divisions and play in southeast Kansas.

"Getting the opportunity to have my growth stunted by Dave Wiemers really appealed to me" Hurts said. They have a great stable of running backs and you never know which one is behind you or why. I like the fact that instead of going with the hot hand, Coach Wiemers runs running backs in and out at on a whim." Hurts continued " it's really hard to build flow and a feel for the game when this occurs and I'm looking forward to the challenge."

Hurts also mentioned he has had overtures from the tv show Dancing With The Stars. "Absolutely, the interest DWTS has shown in me contributed to my decision to come to Pitt." When pressed for the reason why Hurts replied " Well it's not every day you find the combination of a center who can't snap so I have to constantly be on my toes in case it sails over my head or dribbles back to me like a weak ground ball to 2nd base. Not only that but have you seen that line "block"? Where else can I showcase my elite speed along with my quick footwork and twists and turns, ducks, and dodges better than hiding behind the Pitt O-line?

When asked if he was worried about the route running tree and cohesiveness with new receivers Hurts smiled and scoffed " I know how to throw a slant, a bubble screen and hand off on a jet sweep. With that being 94% of the passing playbook I feel confident I can learn the last 6% in the upcoming months."