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Thread: GLVC OL comparisons

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    Default GLVC OL comparisons

    My last post about the UIndy DT got me to thinking about the reality of line size differences.

    Specifically I wanted to see if LU, being just removed from the MIAA, was noticeably different in the way it was built.

    The returning LU offensive linemen will average about 6'5" (the tallest in the conference) and will average just over 300 lbs.

    Only McKendree's OL will be average bigger weight wise.

    Take it for what it's worth. Size doesn't always equal production. But a large punishing OL can take a toll on smaller defensive lines...especially ones that lack depth.

    LU- 6'5", 301 lbs
    SBU- 6'4", 296 lbs
    WJC- 6'1", 288 lbs
    QU- 6'3", 280 lbs
    McK- 6'4", 309 lbs
    Truman- 6'3", 289 lbs
    MoST- 6'3", 275 lbs
    UIndy- 6'3", 287 lbs
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    Damn-- There's some light OL's out there, even for D2. To put things into perspective, look at this lineup from Oklahoma c. 1968, I was in grad school there at the time.

    Heaviest person on the entire squad weighed in at 220. Haven't checked, but if my geezer memory serves me correct OU was runner up in the Big 8 that year behind Kansas.


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