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Thread: McKendree Offseason

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    Default McKendree Offseason

    This will be the closest road trip of any of the GLVC foes, so I imagine LU fans will travel well to this game, myself included. Could set up for a nice little rivalry!

    McKendree offseason

    Record 6-5
    4th place


    Scoring offense 37 ppg (1st)
    Scoring defense 34 ppg (6th)

    Total Offense 453 ypg (1st)
    Rushing offense 200 ypg (3rd)
    Passing offense 253 ypg (2nd)

    Total Defense 448 ypg (8th)
    Rushing defense 264 ypg (7th)
    Passing defense 183 ypg (3rd)


    Passing Leader
    Reece Metcalf (SR) 66%, 2622 yds, 27 TDs, 4 Ints

    Rushing Leaders
    Preston Thompson (SR) 1073 yds, 9 TDs
    Jace Franklin (SO) 661 yds, 2 TDs

    Receiving Leaders
    Josh Revay (SR) 45 rec, 496 yds, 6 TDs
    Jalyn Williams (SR) 40 rec, 615 yds, 8 TDs
    Matt Cole (JR) 22 rec, 354 yds, 3 TDs
    Zach Bobos (SR) 21 rec, 292 yds, 2 TDs
    Steven Towns (FR) 14 rec, 306 yds, 4 TDs

    Ricco Gipson (SR) 106
    Blake Benoist (JR) 70
    Kenneth Wilson (JR) 68
    Brandon Purnell (SO) 57

    Brandon Purnell (SO) 9
    Michael Smith (JR) 6.5
    Isaiah Ward (SO) 5.5

    Darnell Harris (JR) 4

    Jason Bennett (JR) 2

    Key Personnel Losses
    Jalyn Williams- WR*
    Reece Metcalf- WR*
    Preston Thompson- QB*
    Cole Foster- OL*
    Jake King- OL*
    Josh Revay- WR*
    Zach Bobos- TE*
    James Young- DB
    Dakota Reid- DB
    Ricco Gipson- LB*

    *-All Conference Selection

    Looking Ahead

    4 offensive returners
    8 defensive returners

    49% of Rushing yard production returning
    40% of Receiving yard production returning

    Key Returners
    Josh Lazaro- K*
    Blake Benoist- DB*
    Austin Huls- OL*
    Monte Wolke- DL*
    Jace Franklin- RB*
    Brandon Purnell- LB*
    Mike Smith- DL*
    Isaiah Ward- DL*
    Matt Cole- WR*
    Steven Leadlove- WR*

    *-All Conference Selection

    Early Signings
    Can’t find anything official. Probably means that they don’t announce it through official school accounts. I found some soft commit type stuff on twitter, and several that have been offered.

    If anyone knows of anything feel free to share!
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    Default Re: McKendree Offseason

    McKendree did one thing really well last year and that was move the ball and score. Ufortunately for them, the opposing teams seemed to do that well vs. them too.

    Heading into 2019, the Bearcats could be looking at a bumpy road in that nearly all of their significant offensive production has graduated. They still have a talented RB in Franklin and some experience on the OL, but the offense will probably hinge on QB play as it seems that Metcalf was the straw that stirred the drink.

    Mck has some experience and talent coming back on the defensive side. Development here could help offset the likely drop off in offensive production... however in order to take a step forward in terms of conference title aspirations, they'll need to catch lightning in a bottle in terms of QB play and make a big jump in defensive execution and consistency.
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