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Thread: Allen HS Kyler Murray Wins Heisman

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    Tennis, great. One on one. You either win or lose. Win enough and no one can politic you. Golf. Golf is a great sport because you post a score. You can't argue with scores. A 71 is a 71. A kid who posts a 71 average is better than a kid who posts a 76 average. It's not subjective. Politics be damned. Same way in track. A 15 ft pole vault beats a 14 ft vault. Individual sports allow an athlete to go as far as their talent and desire will take them.
    Funny how things come full circle. When she was in HS she played tennis on the HS team for fun. In the fall of her freshman year playing varsity tennis, the softball coach wandered over and asked if she would be interested in trying out in the spring. She told her no thanks I made that decision a long time ago because I got tired of other people making a judgment call on my ability.

    What’s even more comical to me was that this was a softball program that consistently went deep into the playoffs every year. So, for her to come over and try to recruit her validated her athletic ability.

    Basketball coach also tried.

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    Any chance the Stephenville kid Jarrett Stidham who played QB at Baylor and Auburn will be available in later rounds for the Cowboys to draft?
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