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    The following will have been in and interviewed for the LEC Head Coach opening by the end of this week:

    Jeff Larson-DC, Chadron State

    Toure Carter-Quality Control Analyst-Stanford

    Travis Everhart-Assistant HC, Co-OC-West Virginia State

    Reilly Murphy-OC-Dixie State

    Carter is a former DB from Ashland, but has an abysmal record as a head coach at the high school level, with a lot of players and assistant coaches quitting on him and mostly internship positions since then.

    Any thoughts on these folks?

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    Just reading the Bio's won't do it, have to see how they communicate face to face. If I had only the bio to go off of, Travis Everhart seems to be a very good candidate.

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    Add another finalist: Ron Dolciato, former head coach at D3 St. Vincent and finalist last time LEC searched for a head coach.

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    Just wish whoever they hire has a fair shake at turning this thing around. The GMAC has some good schools in it, and is a good conference. Lake Erie is in a nice recruiting area where they can hit PA, Ohio and NY. Based on location, there is potential. Not sure how the administration feels, and what type of booster support there is.

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    An offer has reportedly been made to Reilly Murphy of Dixie State, with negotiations ongoing toward a final contract.

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    That guy is a good ball coach, they'll be lucky to get him.

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