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Thread: Congratulations to UIndy

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    Default Congratulations to UIndy

    Congratulations to UIndy on their 2018 season.

    Was nice meeting poster Regit and his family and friends. Really nice people. Also sat next to UIndy long snapper's parents. Again nice folks. Hope all of you travel home safely.

    I expect this program to continue getting better and creating some noise in future PO's.

    Again Congratulations!

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    Default Re: Congratulations to UIndy

    Thanks for your comments. Would like to see a Henderson v Oachita game someday now that Ouachita impresses me. U Indy Oline and Dbacks not there yet like I commented pregame. But they seemed to be holding back the eligibility of some decent frosh this year so should be good again in the future. Program wise they always seem to play "walk ons" instead of spending someone's frosh eligibility.


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