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    Default Black Monday

    Well today starts a few of the black Mondays that I tell you about every let's get this straight now and repeat each Monday til the football season is over...

    Black Monday is that day that the " complete idiot " of a coach of your favorite team finally gets fired. You know the guy with a wife and kids and a mom and dad and all that mushy stuff.

    Well that idiot did not produce a championship and we have the players, the stadium, the band and everything he needs...actually so do most of the other teams in your conference...everyone gets the same number of shollys..some schools are easier to get into maybe? Well that's a shame really because the best coaches produce men that will graduate and become guys that you would want to be in your family, your business, your associates. But damn it they didn't win it all. Losers...yea..sure...

    Actually in almost every locker room the season ends the same way..with a burning loss. Seniors weap, lots of hugs, lots of promises to stay close, lots of coaches saying they wish they could do more for the kids..and they all mean it. But in reality life takes over and guys move on to do amazing things in life.

    We have a guy in our locker room that is going to do medical research. We have a guy that is going to be a doctor. We have a guy that is going to be a teacher and a coach. We have one guy that will be a stand up comedian. We also have MAYBE 1-2 guys that will go on to the NFL...maybe..tough job,,,

    Well all these guys had a coach that you thinks sucks that needs to be that loser...and bring in who? And by the way when you fire that fool, you also can about 30-50 people that all work at the pleasure of the head coach. So all those families are out looking for a new gig..moving families, moving kids, changing schools, new house, new state, new life again...

    I wish we could all walk into your office and fire your ass for no using the proper TPS cover sheet Peter. Before you cheer too loud to can that moron be sure you know what you are asking for. Before you tell the AD that you are going to sit on your check book until that guy is gone think about who you really hurt.

    Should some coaches be fired? Yea..a few probably should..and at the highest levels they are paid pretty good and will land on their feet and be ok...but ask their kids how they like the new school, make any new friends today Bobby? Sarah all those girls cant be that mean, come on.

    At the lower levels it's not all that big bonus or payouts to fall back on. Not at D2 or D3 or NAIA or JUCO or High School.

    I read in a book by my friend Tim Selgo how everyone told him to fire Brian Kelly. Tim didn't fire Kelly and look what happened...would have been easy, maybe would have made it easier for Selgo..but easy and success are not found in the same sentence often. Buy the book on Amazon its a great read about leadership. Anchor Up by Tim Selgo.

    Anyway...think about things and be a little careful for what you wish for...and frankly I don't know why for the life of me why anyone wants to coach anything at times, you gotta be nuts. You are either fired or on your way to being fired, for you can work 100 hour weeks? Miss a ton of your family time, work sick, work hurt, work your ass off so some guy in section 206 can swear at you during the game? Would love to see that guy come up and say the same things to a coaches face...coward of the crowd.

    I wish everyone could spend a few hours in a locker room with these amazing athletes, or on the field, on the court, in the gym...special people...treat them with the same respect that they treat your children..

    3 NCAA college football teams will end as winners this year, the rest..well they must suck huh? Ask that expert in section know the guy that has never been punched in the nose to see how his plan worked out.

    Anchor Up friends and please keep these families in your hearts and prayers over the next few weeks...Black Monday is real and so are the faces that go with it. Get a break and think about things a little is hard...coaching is harder.

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    Default Re: Black Monday

    Outstanding read, Champ. Puts it all into perspective.

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    Default Re: Black Monday

    Preach on Champ!

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    Default Re: Black Monday

    Nothing but respect for the coaches but come on, they knew what they were signing up for. If they wanted security they would have used that education and became lawyers and CPA's. As for Barfo Gutbelly up in section 206, he also comes with the territory. Just be glad he's not a coach!
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