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Thread: Come on Down to Arkansas!

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    Default Come on Down to Arkansas!

    Congrats on your first round win! Ouachita Baptist University is located in Arkadelphia, AR along I-30 about 70 miles SW of Little Rock. You will be concerned with Exits 73 (Caddo Valley) and 78 (Arkadelphia). The game is in Cliff Harris Stadium at Benson-Williams Field - Here is a FAQ for some things you need to know about attending a game at the stadium:

    Getting Here

    Driving -
    Google says that leaving this Friday morning will mean a drive time of between 9 and 10.5 hours from stadium to stadium. The "fast" route doesn't go through any major cites which can be a plus or minus depending on how you like to travel. Add an hour to the drive and you can go via Louisville/Nashville which will give some variety to your travel.

    Flying -
    The closest airport is Little Rock (LIT). It looks like flights from Indianapolis to Little Rock are running a bit over $500 right now. LIT is also serviced by Southwest, but those flights look either sold out, or really expensive. It's about 70 miles from the airport to Arkadelphia, so plan on getting a rental car at the airport. DFW in Dallas is very boring a 4 or so hour drive if you want to do that.

    Staying Here

    When looking for hotels in the area, search for rooms in "Caddo Valley", not Arkadelphia. The road that goes past the stadium (AR-8) is actually the road from Caddo Valley to Arkadelphia, so this isn't an issue. There is the usual smattering of local and national chains at all prices.

    Best Option: Holiday Inn Express -
    It's the newest in town and quite nice. I've actually stayed there for over a week while home repairs were going on, and had no issues. About 10min from stadium and close to Caddo Valley restaurants.

    Interesting Option: DeGray Lake Resort State Park Lodge
    A little further out at 20 minutes from the stadium, this is a resort lodge with a restaurant and a great view of DeGray Lake - just be sure to ask for a lake-view room. The rooms are nothing to write home about, but you can't beat the environment. They also have sunset and owl/bald eagle spotting cruises on the lake this weekend. -

    Avoid: Pioneer Inn and College Inn Motels
    These are more "long term" motels that kinda caters to folks who can't get an apartment. Mostly because no landlord wants them. It beats being homeless I guess.

    Eating Here
    There are the usual blend of fast food chains with some interesting local places thrown in. I'll separate them by exit/town. The 24hr Walmart is Exit 73.

    Caddo Valley (Exit 73)
    National Chains - Cracker Barrel, McDonald's, Waffle House, Taco Bell, Flying Burger
    Local - Fat Boys: Pretty good BBQ and deserts. Not "best in Arkansas" or anything, but if you want some local flavor, it's a good bet; The Front Porch: Not a restaurant, but some very good homemade desserts that's close to Holiday Inn Express; The Fish Net: Don't expect haute cuisine, but it's pretty decent seafood

    Arkadelphia (Exit 78)
    National Chains - Wendy's, McDonald's, Burger King, Andy's, Chicken Express, Western Sizzlin, Subway (2 locations), Dunkin Donuts, KFC
    Local - Allen’s BBQ Company: Good BBQ; Hamburger Barn: Good burgers and the like; Benvenuti: It's Italian. Not great, but not the worst I've ever eaten

    Arkadelphia (Downtown)
    Arkadelphia has a small, approximately 4 square block downtown. About 5 minutes from the stadium.
    Local - El Parian: Cheap Mexican, not bad; Italian Cuisine: Yes, that's the name. A bit nicer than Benvenuti IMHO; Slim and Shorty's: Burgers, sandwiches, fish, you name it; Java Primo: Coffee house with a good sized menu. Skip the cake though; 67 Grill: Big burgers, sandwiches, nachos. Kinda salty to my taste, but lots of folks like them; Loa Agaves Mexican: Typical small town Mexican. Clean and tasty

    You can get pizza delivered by Domino's and Pizza Hut. Little Caesar's is also in Arkadelphia for pick-up. The local option is Big Cheese Pizza. They also have frozen yogurt with mix-in toppings. Interesting specialty pizzas too.

    About Ouachita Baptist University
    First off, it's pronounced WAH-shi-tah. The same as the Ouachita Mountains and the Ouachita River (that it's on the bank of). It's been around since 1886 and has a student population of about 1500, so we are on the small side. We were the top Regional College in the South 2006-2010 in U.S. News & World Report before they moved us up to the National category. It is a private university that is associated with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. It's very much a Christian liberal arts university (fully accredited of course), so don't expect the concessions to sell beer, and it's best to not bring alcohol to any tailgate you are planning.

    Our biggest football rival is our closest - literally across the street - as we have been playing Henderson State since 1895. We have played 92 times, and the series is 43–43–6. The Battle of the Ravine is the oldest DII rivalry (along with the Black Hills Brawl) and by far the closest - in every regard. The center of the 50 yard lines in the respective stadiums are about 615 yrds apart. The stadiums used to actually be even closer. Like less than 100 yrds from what I'm told. Mind you the rest of the year, we get along pretty well. Students can take some classes across universities, and our libraries are on the same computer system. Families where one will work at HSU, and one at OBU isn't common, but not rare either.

    About Arkadelphia
    Arkadelphia is a small town of about 10k half way between Little Rock and Texarkana on I-30. European settlement started around 1809, and the town got the name of Arkadelphia on 1839. There is no firm documentation at to why we changed from Blakelytown to Arkadelphia, but it's most likely just the what is seems. Arka- from the state name and -delphia from the Greek. There are a couple of small manufacturers around town, and the two universities of course. It's the "big town" for about a 20 mile radius of small farm communities. We are also supposed to be getting a large (but non-stinky) paper mill in a couple of years.
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