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    Let’s hope all these Chargers get to keep playing football for several more weeks.

    I used to see high schooler Chance Stewart hanging out on the golf cart at Hillsdale games with his older cousin who played baseball and helped with gameday operations, always thinking there was no way Chance would ever play here. Then it all happened. We expected his current level of play right away but he still needed time. He’s 108 yards away from owning the all-time passing title. Kid has been patient and worked his tail off. That is being rewarded and we’re all lucky to have enjoyed it.

    Gotta love VanValkenburg and Batdorff joining the long line of standouts who grew up in the shadows of Lubbers Stadium only to choose Hillsdale.

    Let’s see this group do what no other team has ever done, win multiple D2 playoff games.
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    Well said, CB. This team has been special in many ways. If there was an organization that graded team chemistry on NCAA DII teams, the Chargers would most likely be Numero Uno. Personally, I've not seen a Charger team this tight for many years, back to the Muddy Waters days. If Weatherhead and Holmes were sensational, and they were, Stewart and Brock are beyond awesome. That statement is proven by the records they hold, or will hold. The offensive line has done a remarkable job of protecting Stewart and opening holes for Graham and company. How about Conner Maloney? That young man's performance at times is magical. Sandusky? Great speed. Good hands. Tough. You mentioned VanValkenburg and Batdorf. We've enjoyed watching those two do their thing this season, and that thing was giving fits to opposing offenses. I'd have to put Jake Rose in that discussion. Looking at the all-conference GMAC football players, Hillsdale swept the field. Stewart is Player of the Year.
    No matter what the outcome on Saturday, we will remember these players among the all time best to play at Hillsdale in 125 years. Go Chargers!
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