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Thread: LSC Men's Basketball

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    I just finished watching every highlight video I could find on the 4 HS recruits announced today by WT. I don't know how Tom Brown and his coaches do it. Wow! He got some more good ones! I especially like the 6'6 Aussie kid, Blankely. He can post up, shoot the three, block shots, handles the ball like a guard. Very impressive. 6'3 JT Warren, Waxahachie guard, can drain the three. He was a teammate of Qua Grant. Kavon Booker, 6'6, has a good frame. Let him mature, add 20 lbs of muscle and he'll be a strong inside kid. Cameron Bell is a tough, true PG that has all the PG skills you'd look for. I see two or three of these guys getting plenty PT by mid-season, in the rotation. Especially Blankley, the Aussie.

    Don't forget the stone-cold shooter, the baby-faced assassin, Zach Toussaint, and the strong kid from Nazareth, Nick Gerber. If the Buffs get two more as good or better than this bunch, it'll be double thick icing on the cake. Maybe a D1 post transfer, a 1 year kid who'll fit in and either a JUCO or another HS kid.

    Buffs may be very young next year, but they will also be very talented. My wife came running into the room to see what I was yelling about as I watched a couple of these kids!
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