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Thread: Computer simulation: If LU replaced LU... (Lindewood for Lincon 2018)

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    Default Computer simulation: If LU replaced LU... (Lindewood for Lincon 2018)

    Let's pretend this year is next year, lol.

    I know this means nothing, but it's fun to look at.

    That website sims any and all college football simulations. (up to 4 a day.) I simulated Lincoln's schedule against Lindenwood. here's the results.

    LU 35
    Lane 13

    Mo State 49
    LU 19

    UW Oskosh 18
    LU 23

    SBU 14
    LU 38

    Indy 35
    LU 21

    QU 18

    LU 30
    Truman 29

    WJ 22
    LU 42

    MoST 33
    LU 34

    LU 49
    McK 33

    Tarleton 53
    LU 27

    That would give them an 8-3 record with a 7-1 conference record. Not sure that would be good enough to make the playoffs out of the GLVC. Probably need to schedule some MIAA or NSIC out of conference opponents to really boost the SOS.

    By the way....

    Missouri would beat LU 74-6
    Alabama... 92-0

    And the first place team from their old NAIA conference, Benedictine, KS; LU would win 38-33

    Cool Story Bro

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    I started to post something smart aleck about not needing a computer to guess how Lincoln would do with LW’s schedule, but I ran a couple of games and lo and behold...

    MSSU 14
    LU 38

    NSU 14
    LU 37

    (Not sure where LW played these teams - I made them home games for the Blue Tigers)


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