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Thread: Tiffin ODU Top #25 Matchup Game Day Thread

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    Default Tiffin ODU Top #25 Matchup Game Day Thread

    started this for saturday...

    does anyone know what the parking situation is like at TIffin? went to FIndlay and had to walk about a mile to get to the stadium. is there parking right at the stadium like ODU?

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    Parking is not great at Tiffin - the stadium - Frost-Kalnow Field - is a nice turf field with the 1940's era WPA-built stands on the home side and bleachers on visitors side.

    The stadium is downtown and there is a small lot to the north of the field (across Charlotte Street) - usually filled a couple hours before game with tailgaters, etc. The small lot at the northside of the field is reserved. A gravel lot behind the visitors stands has some space; and then street parking along the south (Union Street) and north sides (Charlotte Street) of the stadium. There is another lot of of Union street, SW of the stadium, but again, it is small and fills-up fast. You might want to look at a satellite shot of the stadium on Google to get your orientation; there are no charges to park, but you might have to walk a few blocks if you get there late.

    Have a great trip and enjoy the game - should be a great battle between to evenly matched teams.

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    Can you enter the stadium from visitors side and where does the visitor busses park..

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    I am not sure from a ticket standpoint, whether or not you can enter from the Visitor side or not? If you could, it would have to be from the south end I am assuming. As for the buses, we always pulled up on the north side off of Charlotte St. Unless Tiffin has changed things, they never had a visitor locker room that I remember.


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