What a great makeover Tomlinson got. Pretty cool they only need 4 light posts. Pretty nice lights. Turf is awesome. Nice looking alumni plaza. And yay for the restrooms! Oh wow what a National Anthem! I never noticed the skydivers jump out but I looked up and saw them circling thousands of feet above. That was truly incredible. The CWU band was great as always. The Ricky Martin song was great, especially those solos.

Here is video of the skydivers and National Anthem:

https://www.facebook.com/cwufoundati...4nvPrU&__xts__[0]=68.ARBoFDFf78HrJmFRVYRUn75Ys3nv86TdUuK0X_OyzFyVVz aHfeuCsWIQ7XFs0O5rbQCnqLlSQHwebhVSucfgftxGfyf_VHjj fjqkPO13Y40fzifhNexYwMJ9IwSfjxhXB88Re1ruHSfIthuQEG Bzv6KPhGyyUxj82QmqMlGlhkOaElY_FKTsLl8&__tn__=FC-R

As for the game, 10 penalties for 110 yards lost was brutal. So many drives and great plays crushed dead. Then again, CWU would make a 49 yard pass play on 3rd and 26 which was exciting. The defense could not find a way to slow down that Duke Carter IV. Gave up way too many big plays that looked way too easy. And Hennessey, dude, that INT was ugly. They just needed a FG and he gambled way too much to force that throw. Killed the comeback right there.

The offense looked good otherwise with some big pass plays and lots of athletic young targets making some plays. Those screen passes were especially effective.