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Thread: Wolves vs. Huskies

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    NSU had a nice goalline stand to hold St. Cloud to a FG, next goalline possession the Huskies QB fumbles on the run and recovers in the endzone.

    Wolves offense is struggling in every area including just snapping the ball.

    10-0 SCSU

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    Chaka Kelly powers it in from five yards out for the TD. On the play a St. Cloud player rips off our TE helmet and it ends up twenty yards out of the endzone. Things getting chippy.

    SCSU lead 10-7

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    10-7 at half

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    Wolves go for it on 4th and 2 near the SCSU goal line and just miss a TD. The hold the Huskies to a three and out and field the punt at the SCSU 42. Next play, 42 yard TD pass to Larson. Wolves take the lead 14-13 just before the end of the 3rd quarter. SCSU will have the wind at their back in the 4th quarter.

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    Our color commentary guy doesnt sound like he has watched much football before...

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    Going against the wind the Wolves play calling has been depressing...trying to run the ball to kill clock when the running game hasnt been there. Now Huskies hit a big TD pass. SCSU goes for the two point conversion and fails, 19-14 Huskies with just under five minutes to go...

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    Wolves win streak against the Huskies ends...what a disgusting two weeks.

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    WTH is wrong?!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fan1 View Post
    WTH is wrong?!!
    I mean, I will catch heat, as I should. When i did preseason predicting i said 9-2, which i even stated were lofty, unreasonable expectations. I continue to he unrealistic with those expectations. Our defense is fine, once again, a big play killed us

    On offense especially, our top players our very young...but as a fan base the patience is running out. Like I said, with all that is coming and being given to this program there are no excuses...none.

    Never forget that Dosch isnt a hire of Moon's and so far, his hires have been great and produced.

    I like Dosch a lot, but to whom much is given, much is expected

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    Damn. Had the wolves at home


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