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    Results for Week 3 - No perfect picks but there were 5 that only missed one pick: Jayhawkdaddy, Turbonium, gr8ness97, WalterCampFan, and mountaineermagic.

    Results after three weeks
    Jayhawkdaddy and PepTalk are leading with 17 total picks
    mountaineermagic, sportsvine, Turbonium, Thunder62, and Pokefan has 16 total picks
    ctrabs74, Packfootball has 15 total picks

    Great games yesterday, Colorado Mines had an impressive win on CSU-Pueblo! NM Highlands almost beat Dixie on the road. Western gave Mesa a great close game. Chadron and SD Mines won on their home fields this weekend.

    Week 4 Picks will be up later
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