Here we go. The battle of 2 suspect defenses. Both giving up huge amounts of yardage and plenty of points. It's no coincidence that the top 2 Total Offenses in the league are the 2 that have played the Rangers. Henderson's Defense has been only slightly better. Should be a high scoring game. We desperately need a win with Southern Arkansas on the schedule next. Even Kevin Turco never started out 0-3 and he didn't have anywhere the returning experienced players or the talent we should be showing. A lot of disappointment around town after all the buildup into the season. We did pull off a win last year against a less than stellar Henderson bunch in comparison to previous years. At the time it was hyped as a huge win but when SNU (we don't lose to SNU!! Wait we did last year as well, so sad) and ECU both beat Henderson later in the season it became just another win. Still time to turn things around but it has to start Saturday.