Well, week 2 of the season was just a as disappointing as the 1st.... I was able to attend the game against Southern Naz in Bethany and it was a great night for football. It did not go how any Tiger had hoped it would, but here are my thoughts on the my team going into week 3.


I'll go ahead and say it: Our QB (Cornwell) is not any good. It's one thing to make a few bad throws here and there, but several times the other night he is either playing catch with the other team, or left me with the thought "Really? That's what you just did? Really?" I honestly thought he would get benched at half time, but played the rest of the game. If a change was not discussed over the weekend, I would be shocked. He has a big arm and a big name, but is really under preforming right now. Our run game is nothing to write home about, but it is good enough to win with.


Nothing has really changed with this group since last week. I think its a solid group, but they were on the field entirely too much in the second half last night. I still think there needs to be some changes made in the back end when it comes to scheme possibly, but what do I know.

Special Teams:

We missed another extra point, and they took a kick back to the house so there is obviously still room for improvement here.


The score looked bad, but this was a winnable game. It was 28-13 going into half... Take away the KR TD, the pick six from the QB, and make an extra point and its 14-14 or better in my opinion. I can still see this team winning 4 games, but we are going to have to clean it up and do something about the QB. UAM is coming to town, and I think this is one we can get if we play well.