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    Well there doesn’t seem to be lots of other posters on the GLVC site, so I will try to do my best and add to the boards with anything I can as it relates to S&T football. Here is my 2 cents worth(not that it is worth even that)!

    I like the makeup of this team. They have some key Seniors in positions of need, production and leadership. There is a good mix of proven players and good young talent also. I am hesitant to get too excited because after the first game I am not sure if S&T was real good or if ENMU was just that bad. Either way I think it will be a good year for S&T and could be real good if they have some luck fall their way(injuries, ball bounces,etc.). Week 1 saw a dominant performance by both sides of the ball and I am anxious to see how the Miners play against Northwood. Was in the stands for the game last week but will have to watch the live stream this week, so my take on the game may not be as legit as I would like but either way I will try to watch and give some feedback (hopefully I can do this every week). Good luck to the Miners!

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    Good to see a fan of Chuck Shelton's hometown team.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Miners in Des Moines next week, and I hope they'll be coming in 2-0.

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    Nice win by the Miners this week!

    I thought the Defense looked very good.
    Team speed and aggressiveness are the biggest defensive feathers in the cap from this game. Run defense was dominant for most of the game (a little sloppy toward the end but still overall very good).

    The offense looked good early but turnovers and inconsistencies allowed Northwood to stay in the game when It looked early on like it could be a blowout(give Northwood credit as they played hard and fought back).

    Overall defense gets a grade of A
    And offense gets a grade of B-

    Specail teams did not look too good, way to many turnovers and way to many dumb penalties. This needs to be cleaned up if Miners want to be an elite team( I believe it will as I have faith in the coaches to see this and address it).

    Overall I would give the special teams a grade of C.

    Lastly I would like to say this:
    This is my first year to closely follow the Miners so I don’t know about past teams,etc. but this years team has potential to be very good! I hope they continue to improve and don’t get complacent because they have had a good start (and honestly in my opinion dominated their first two opponents).

    This weeks game is a step up against an FCS opponent in Drake University. I honestly don’t know much about them, so if anyone has any info on them please post it.
    Good luck this week Miners as I will be watching and rooting you on come Saturday

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    How well do the Miner Fans travel. Do you expect many of them to make the trip to Tuskegee, Alabama?
    There should be a decent crowd with it being the first home crowd.

    Interested to see how both teams play each other. Their only losses came against FCS opponents.

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    Won't be a whole lot of Miner fans there. This is a pretty long road trip. This will be a good game for both teams. I think both teams will benefit from playing solid D2 teams this weekend. Good luck to both and I hope for good weather.


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