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Thread: ODU Panther stadium

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    Default ODU Panther stadium

    Last week I attended the CalU ODU game. For a newer program now in year 15 of football I was very impressed by the fan support shown at ODU. A small school with what I believe was 1700 students its hard to gain firm footing with a fan base. The program looks to be trending in a good direction, it is exciting to see a full stadium and folks excited about D2 football !

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    ODU has had strong support for their program from the onset, at least it always seemed that way from my perspective. The school is located in strong location from a recruiting standpoint, as you can recruit all of the C-bus kids that do not want/able to go far from home. Having someone like Bill Conley lead them in to the D2 ranks was definitely beneficial from a name recognition/recruiting standpoint early on, and the program has been consistently successful in that timeframe.

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    Coach Cummings has also done a fantastic job generating football alumni support. He reaches out to former players and has been instrumental in bringing old panthers together for some tailgating revelry, fund raising, golf outings, etc. Obviously the stadium has many shortcomings, but when the old guys come to support the team, it can make for a fun and lively environment. If we can pull off a win against Ashland and start off the season 2-0 against two very quality opponents I would bet we will see a big impact on attendance in the coming weeks as well.


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