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Thread: Chadron vs BHSU

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    Default Chadron vs BHSU

    Thought I'd open a thread about the game last night. Below is a comment from sportsvine in the pickem thread I copied over since it is on topic.


    Chadron State beat Black Hills State 45-8 to open up their renovated stadium, after a 2 hour weather delay, kickoff finally just before 9pm local time.

    Chadron looked really good. They looked faster on defense, the offensive line opened up big holes all night long for the running game, and the qbs played well, passing with efficiently and effectiveness when called upon.

    However, in the past they have looked good against bad teams and looked bad against good team. I hope that trend doesn't continue this year. We will find out soon enough, Chadron State at Pueblo next week.

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    Tell you what I wondered what the new facility would be like at CSC and it looks really nice. Lots if support last and a packed house. Hope they upgrade the visiting bleachers still. But very nice upgrade none the less.

    I have to say I'm impressed with CSC and disappointed in BHSU. CSC ran the ball at will with three running backs. And that punter is amazing he can get that ball way up there! CSCs defense looks really really small compared to last year. But like sportsvine said they played fast and tackled really well.

    As far as BHSU goes I had high hopes that their offense would move the ball on the Eagles. Unfortunately Hommel can't throw the ball. I wouldn't worry about deep passes against BHSU. All they ran were basic run and bubble screen plays. Hommel is a good athlete but they don't use him as a runner. He broke out on a couple scramble plays but they didn't really use him as an option qb which is what he is.

    BH defense looked bad up front as CSCs oline was moving the ball at will and their running backs were to the second level untouched all night.

    Too early to start questioning coaching but it's time for BHSU to start competing in this game. With huge boosts to scholarships the last few years and a great campus and facility already, BHSU should be competing in this game. Very disappointed in how they played last night. The old excuses of "we only have a third the scholarships" is gone. Happy for Jay Long even in our defeat. Looks like he had a lot of people back to see the new facility and got a nice win against a rival... if you can call it that...

    Good luck the rest of the season!

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    Thanks BHer for starting this thread. When I say that Chadron has looked good against "bad" teams and bad against good teams, I don't mean to disparage or automatically dismiss BHSU as a bad team. I just sort of lump BHSU in a group of teams that Chadron has played well against in the past. I certainly expected more out of BHSU. I agree they have a great campus, and after a few years of transitioning into the RMAC, they should be in position to compete for the top of the conference. Maybe BHSU will still be good this year, but they have a long way to go compare from the BHSU I saw last night.

    As for the visiting bleachers, they did get a small upgrade, but I feel that a more permanent upgrade might be in the works after another season. Two small sets of moveable bleachers were added to the visiting sideline. In the past, those moveable bleachers were put behind the east endzone. They did move the entire field about 15 feet to the south, I figured to accommodate for more seating behind the visitors sideline. I feel that they did little to the visiting sideline because of the time constraints they faced in getting this facility ready for last nights game. There were still construction workers doing some work on Friday August 31st.
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    Default Re: Chadron vs BHSU

    No offense taken I 100 percent agree. I expected more and BHSU did play like a bad team. We'll find out if BHSU is just not as good as we thought or if Chadron is much better. I would say offensively Chadron is much better than they have been. Defensively it will be interesting seeing how they play pueblo next week especially against the run.

    I'm mostly addressing exactly what you are saying that with BHSU's improvements in the A. Dept. they should be proving they are a true rival. Rather than being known as a team that is a certain win for opponents. BHSU is still wanting to become more like Chadron but can't figure it out yet. This is the game BHSU highlights on the schedule along with SD Mines. They did win a couple years ago but it was not a good Chadron team. My hopes are that Chadron can return to what they were and BHSU competes with them on an annual basis. I think Western Nebraska and South Dakota need a rivalry like that. I guess I'm just more disappointing in how lopsided it has been other than that one year and with BHSU no longer having the scholarship excuse as they used to I have expected more improvement. Hope time continues to help them improve.

    The extra bleachers I recognized and they worked well. I think something about the same running along the whole sideline would be nice. Most times they will be relatively empty but BHSU fans have been traveling well to Chadron and we sure needed the room! I expected that those upgrades would come in the future!

    I noticed that both Chadron QBs played as well again as have in the past. Didn't get to see much from them since Chadron was able to run the ball so well. Will it be that way moving forward or will the Starter take more reps in the future?

    That freshman RB #1 looked like he will be special someday also.

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    Default Re: Chadron vs BHSU

    Have to admit this game had me nervous from a defensive standpoint. I knew we'd score but I didn't know if we could stop BH since we are so young and inexperienced on defense.

    Young Defense tackled well and looked quick. How that translates into next week's game will be interesting since Pueblo is now the measuring stick of the RMAC.

    The stadium and the atmosphere in Chadron was amazing. If the students and panhandle fans will show up like that all season it will make Chadron a tough place to play I think.

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    Default Re: Chadron vs BHSU

    Hopefully Chadron is back on track to being a solid team. I certainly expect them to put up a better fight than Dixie. Glad the new facilities are finished, long overdue no doubt!

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    Default Re: Chadron vs BHSU

    Watched most of the first half. To my untrained eye, hard to tell if that was a top tier team versus a middle of the pack, or a middle team versus the bottom.

    First impressions: The Chadron QBs were above average. The playcalling was conservative, though. They threw mostly screens, sideline passes, and quick slants. It was also 2-to-1 run plays, which made sense the way the game played out and the way the backs are moving in space. I'm not sure why they kept switching QBs, except just to say that they did. That seems like a liability to me, down the road.

    The CSC running game was definitely their strength. It was well-blocked, both at the line and downfield, and the starter 34 shed a ton of tackles too. They might be 2nd deepest at RB after Pueblo.

    Black Hills passing was conservative too. For a fourth-year starter I was expecting Hommel to be able to stand back in the pocket and find an open man more often, but most of the time it looked like he was staring down one guy on a quick route and as long as that guy was no more than 5-10 yards downfield, it was OK. Maybe they don't trust their O-line enough to get the ball farther downfield.

    They only got one good run off the whole first half, and that was their touchdown.

    I noticed like someone else did that Chadron looked smaller in their front seven. They won fights in phonebooths, though. That's where it's tough to say what caliber of football I'm watching because BHSU could have a slow O-line or Chadron could be nasty. Maybe a little of both. They play well as a unit.

    Neither team's DBs were making a ton of plays downfield, but for once, I saw CSC make consistent open field tackles. That was a big difference between some of the CSC teams the past couple years and the one I watched Saturday.

    I guess I'll start jumping to more conclusions after next weekend.

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    Default Re: Chadron vs BHSU

    Expected a much better performance from BHSU. You figure a team with a Senior Quarterback thats been a 4 year starter would be pretty good. But it doesn't seem like Hommel has progressed. In fact I think he has regressed. His passing accuracy is poor. Mental mistakes like taking a delay of game penalty on the opening possession. Doesn't go through a progression with his receivers. The O line is not great, but still expected more. The offense seems very predictable. Gilmore could be a good back with better blocking and a less predictable offense.

    The defense is just plain bad right now. They simply do not have the personnel to play a 3-4 defense. That scheme requires size and strength up front and they have neither. The two defensive ends are WAY undersize at 6'2" 215 lbs and 6'0" 234 lbs. The nose tackle is 6'0" and 300+ lbs but was getting pushed back all night against CSC. They really need to consider switching to a 4-3 with the personnel they have. Or let the younger bigger guys play. Otherwise teams are going to run the ball down their throat just like Chadron did.


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