Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere you go! I have created our cheat sheets to use for the draft!

Please make sure you can access this spreadsheet. We will be using it during the draft and I will be deleting players as they are drafted to keep it real time.

I do ask, in the meantime, that you take a look at this list, and please let me know if there are any players listed here who are no longer with their respective teams. Additionally, if there is anyone missing who should be there, please bring that to my attention as well.

All I did was take the statistics for the top 100 passing yardage leaders and top 150 rushing and receiving yardage leaders from last year, then deleted the seniors. I also went through the players who didn't have a position listed, or had a "weird" position (like there was a WR who was listed as a DL, when he is actually a TE on their website roster), and verified their position on the 2018 roster.

So let's all help each other and see if there's any players who are on here who won't be playing this year, whether due to transferring or already having a season-ending injury.

Here you go to do your initial research!