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Thread: Don't Let This Site End!

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    Default Don't Let This Site End!

    Stole this from MIAA/GLIAC.


    As you may or may not know, this forum along with, are operated by a couple D2 football fans at their own expense. They support the expenses through donations.

    Over the last year in particular, the costs to operate the site have begun to exceed donations.

    This has resulted in a personal financial detriment on top of the extreme time commitment to the guys who operate the site. If you noticed, the site was actually shut down the other night as a result.

    I believe it is unreasonable to expect the guys dedicating their time to have to pay money out of pocket.

    So I strongly request that you click on the donate button, ( and give what you can to help keep this site operational. If you do not, this service may no longer be available to us.

    Thanks a lot for your consideration and I hope we can continue to discuss D2 football together.

    I sent Brandon $$.

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    Default Re: Don't Let This Site End!

    I wanted to thank you for the nice words and the help. Sorry it has taken me so long to get caught up.

    If anyone feels the need to do so, you can help us out here:

    We have some great additions coming to the website and they are made possible by the support of you all.

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    Default Re: Don't Let This Site End!

    Wanted to thank the most recent donors to the cause here at

    Unregistered – Thanks Coach

    Really, really busy right now! Instead of figuring out which forum each belongs, I thought I’d simply respond to the differing posts in all the forums to say thanks.

    If you can and want to help us grow and expand, here is a link where you can provide financial support.

    If you would rather mail your support, please send me a personal message.

    I thank all of you for your help. Great things are on the way!


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