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Thread: Updated photos of U. Indy's Key Stadium

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    Default Updated photos of U. Indy's Key Stadium

    Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I ventured into the GLVC forum, but wanted to say that I updated the photos of Key Stadium on the D2 website. In addition to blogging, I've been helping to keep content updated on the site for a long time and I've made quite a hobby out of visiting empty football stadiums! I was in Indianapolis in late May for the 500 and dropped by the campus. I also added several to my personal stadiums gallery webpage, if interested. Enjoy!


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    Default Re: Updated photos of U. Indy's Key Stadium

    Thanks for the new U Indy stadium photos. I do the same thing visiting stadiums. I hated the previous photo that was featured here of lacrosse players when this is a football site! Also hate all the soccer and lacrosse lines on the field. Looks like an elementary school playground. Current President is a lacrosse lover. Thinking that stadium is due any day now for a major upgrade announcement going on 50 years without one. They regularly fill it past capacity and students stand in the aisles. Gotta be coming soon?!


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