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Thread: IUP at Ashland - Where are the roadies at?

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    Default IUP at Ashland - Where are the roadies at?

    I’m sick of the worthless June message board threads.

    Who is planning on making the trip to Ashland in 2 months? Amazing to say, but that’s really coming up quick.

    I’m incredibly excited to have IUP coming out to Ohio, and on a Thursday night under the lights... Man.. I’m ready..

    It’s about a 90 minute drive up Route 71 for me. I’ve heard that Ashland’s stadium is awesome, and I hear they draw some great crowds too. I’m really looking forward to making the trip up there.

    I hope IUP brings a nice crowd. If anybody was looking at spending a day in Columbus with the long weekend, let me know. I’ll be happy to give you some suggestions of things to do/see. I have been here for 3 years now since graduating from IUP. It’s a fun city. Young, growing, and modern.

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    Default Re: IUP at Ashland - Where are the roadies at?

    Ashland's stadium is awesome. Seating is very close with no track around the field. Great game day atmosphere too. They fire a cannon from the visitors sideline after an Eagles score. Avoid the far end of the stadium if you dislike very loud noises obviously. I attended the Ashland-Ohio Dominican game last year and was very impressed.

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    Default Re: IUP at Ashland - Where are the roadies at?

    Had it been a Saturday game I would have tried making it. But a Thursday night game pretty much means 2 days off from work. I will catch the game on the computer .

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    Default Re: IUP at Ashland - Where are the roadies at?

    Planning to leave Pittsburgh at noon ... Get back to Indiana by 2am.


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