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    Default Special Thanks

    to first-time site donor Markat. I very much appreciate the support of the site. Thanks for continually visiting the site and now financially helping us out.

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    HumbleHornet. Thanks for becoming a multiple time supporter of the site. It is greatly appreciated.

    If anyone feels the need to do so, you can help us out here:

    We have some great additions coming to the website and they are made possible by the support of you all.

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    I had a list of people to thank and I accidentally threw it away. I think I have successfully recreated it.

    From the MIAA, I would like to add:


    We think it's important to cover and recognize the athletes and schools participating in a sport we all love so much.

    The internet world is changing and the costs are more than most of you would ever imagine so I thank you for the support.

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    Thank you to OICU812 and to everyone who has helped us out.

    The hardest part of the new site for the development team has been accomplished so we are on the downhill slope as far as that goes.

    Also...didn't know if you all had seen this...

    I know it's about the NSIC but we will get around to the MIAA and continue to do more like it in the future. I think you will enjoy it.

    If you feel the need to help us out, please feel free to click here:

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    Thank you to Predatory of the best posters on this board.

    If any of you feel the need to help us out, please feel free to click here: - It is needed and would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Special Thanks

    Thank you Brandon! Happy to help keep this awesome site going!

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    Wanted to thank Florence Fan, who might now be called Edmond Fan. In the middle of the worst move in history, he once again took the time out to support the site. Thanks a million for always being there.

    If anyone else wants to help...

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    Griffan and IowaBearcat.....thank you guys so much.

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    Wanted to thank the most recent donors to the cause here at

    Unregistered – Thanks Coach

    Really, really busy right now! Instead of figuring out which forum each belongs, I thought I’d simply respond to the differing posts in all the forums to say thanks.

    If you can and want to help us grow and expand, here is a link where you can provide financial support.

    If you would rather mail your support, please send me a personal message.

    I thank all of you for your help. Great things are on the way!

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    Default Re: Special Thanks

    You and your readers are welcome. I shouldn't have waited so long to add my support.


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