My comments from the spring game and camp:

The Good

1. Some of the big pieces were there. Lacy and both RBs. Although one RB didn't play he still looked healthy. Looks like only a couple of the redshirt juniors are planning to graduate. Also Benjamin Goins from Benjamin Davis High came home to Indy to join the team. He's a difference maker that they can use.

2. Personnel-wise WR Robinson is a great target if he can put on some weight and still keep the jets. Also, looks like they found a punter. Looking good at LB so moving one to H-back was smart.

3. The crowd and support was great. Students walking to and fro the game like it was Big 10 Michigan or State. Nice atmosphere.

The Bad

1. Not sure how they can go another year without a major stadium updating for the good crowds they get. I haven't noticed much change over ten years other than some landscaping and turf replacement. Hate the soccer lines on the field especially the penalty kick yellow spot and all the extra lines are an eye sore.

2. The two young I guys I was mainly looking forward to were on crutches. WR Topper and the 2nd year OL from Fishers High Bernhardt. Both can make an impact this year but not sure now. Heard one of the inside LBs and another OL "out with surgery" but expected back by Grand Valley. I've heard private school coaches (at Ashland, U Indy, McKendree) say a private can win a natty if they stay injury free. U Indy schedule is tough at the beginning (and end).

3. The weather hasn't cooperated this year. They looked a bit rusty at times. Especially the passing game.

The Ugly

1. I hate the new field across the street from the stadium. No track around it. No seating. And a fence right up to the sidelines with no padding on it.

2. Too many unproven redshirt frosh and sophomores in big roles on this team! They lost about 20 seniors from last year and they replace them with young guys.

3. There still isn't enough turf inside the dome. They needed it this spring. What is the delay???