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As of today, HC Morgan and (former) interim HC Sutjak are the only coaches listed on the staff directory.
With most players gone until camp starts, it should make evaluating players real interesting. How soon before Morgan questions his decision? Hopefully, he made no promises or guarantees to that knucklehead Gallagher.
Any of you Shipp guys heard anything about support staff? And what about Tomasetti? Are they giving him the OC job?
Things are pretty quiet at Ship. I can't see any of the coaches leaving other than Tomasetti and possibly Tony Johnson since he's a volunteer coach (DB) and could possibly get a salary assistant position as maybe DC or DB coach at the Ville under Morgan. Chances are he'll dig into the local high school possibly snagging former Ship players who are High School coaches to start filling out the coaching staff at the Ville. If Tomasetti leaves as we all expect I would love to see Mac find another creative mind OC like he did when he lured Yurich away from Edinboro.