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Thread: NCAA Div II Football Television Survey

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    Default NCAA Div II Football Television Survey


    I represent a media production company who is working with NCAA Div II conferences to explore regularly televising football games beginning with the 2018 season. We are gauging how much fan interest there is in watching a conference's "game of the week" throughout the entire season, even if it means your favorite team might only be televised once or twice. Would you please consider giving us your feedback by taking this brief 10 question survey? And please feel free to forward the URL to friends you know who are interested in Division II football.

    Thank you,

    Eric Baesel

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    Default Re: NCAA Div II Football Television Survey

    While I think the survey covered many pertinent issues, it raised some others I believe would impact decision making on TV viewing by D2 football fans.

    First, the questions seem to raise the possibility that there is a two-track approach going on here. On the one hand you raised the possibility of CW or MyTV showing games, but then you also seemed to be focusing on individualized conference streaming channels. Which one are you looking at, or are you looking at both approaches?

    Second, if you are setting up a streaming channel for individual conferences, would you be tapping into the school’s feed and using the school’s announcers for the games being shown?

    Third, if you are using CW or MyTV who will be providing the announcers for the game? Will there be studio commentators for the games being shown that day? Where will these people be drawn from?

    Fourth, tying into the knowledge of the commentators, is also the basic knowledge of the production team. Will the production teams at least have basic geographic knowledge regarding D2 school locations?

    Finally, how will matchups be selected? Is it going to be based upon the previous season’s game between two teams? Will it be based upon an established history of the series? Will it be based upon how the teams have done historically in the conference title race or race for post-season spots?

    Allow me to give you some examples from the GAC that may provide some insights into why I’m asking these questions.

    A big issue in the past with any sort of nationally televised D2 game has been the fact that based on comments made by the in-game commentators, they clearly demonstrated they did not follow D2 football. Instead they were commentators familiar with D1-FBS football and were using provided bullet points. Also, even when using those bullet points, they still have tended to get basic information wrong. Furthermore, I would point out that factually incorrect information also extends to the production side. To illustrate, here are a couple of real-life examples:

    a) Two years ago, Arkansas Tech (a GAC team) was playing Eastern New Mexico (an LSC team) in the Heart of Texas Bowl. It was shown on one of the Fox Sports channels. Eastern New Mexico is a triple-option offense, and the color commentator made the comment that it is hard to prepare for a triple-option team especially when a team like Tech has never seen triple-option. While it is a fair point to state it can be hard to prepare for a triple-option team, to suggest Tech had never seen triple-option was a completely ignorant statement that called in to question his credibility. Why? Tech had seen triple-option in their last regular season game when they played their rival Harding.

    b) A few years ago, CBS Sports was showing the Southeastern Oklahoma at Henderson State game as their D2 Game of the Week. Again, keep in mind they were at Henderson State which is located in Arkansas. CBS Sports then showed one of the national D2 football polls, and in parenthesis next to some of the schools was listed the abbreviation of the state the school is located in. Next to Henderson State they should have had AR for Arkansas, instead they had AK which is Alaska. Again, basic facts were wrong, and in this particular case were not even football related.

    Then there is the issue of how matchups are selected. Last year ESPN3 showed two GAC games, East Central at Oklahoma Baptist and Southern Arkansas at Henderson State. In 2016, East Central and Oklahoma Baptist had a wild game that ended with an Oklahoma Baptist 36-34 win in overtime. However, it should be noted that Oklahoma Baptist finished the season 2-9 and tied for 10th in the GAC, while East Central finished 1-11 and dead last in the GAC. Oklahoma Baptist has only been playing D2 football since 2015. As for Southern Arkansas and Henderson, they finished 9-2 and 8-3 respectively in 2016. The series between the two teams has a long history, typically of close, hard fought games. The 2017 results were as follows. East Central beat Oklahoma Baptist 55-34; it was a blow out from the start. The 21-point margin made the game look closer than it actually was. Henderson beat Southern Arkansas 36-30 in what was a typical hard fought and wild game between those two that came down to the final minutes. I understand that ESPN3 had decisions to make about which games to show from a national perspective. I also understand that ESPN had no idea ahead of time that East Central would blow out Oklahoma Baptist, and that they were basing their decision on the fact that the 2016 game went into overtime. However, the fact remains just looking at the total picture, why would teams that finished towards the bottom of the conference the previous year be the Game of the Week the next year? Would any production company do the same with any D1-FBS football conference?

    Here’s the point, it’s hard to take anyone serious when they get basic facts wrong. It also raises the question of why should I pay to watch games where the pundits are completely ignorant of basic facts. As a former columnist of this site, it drives my batty to see paid “experts” talk about D2 football and then show their ignorance. I do think it would be great to have D2 football televised, but if we are going to be expected to subscribe to watch then I think we have a right to expect that the people working the broadcasts actually have a working knowledge of D2 football. Also, if we are going to be expected to subscribe to watch games, then I think fans have the right to expect to see matchups that have either an impact on conference titles, post-season berths, or at least have a series history of being hard fought games.

    Frankly, I see no value in paying to listen to paid “experts” when there are others, unpaid, that are far more knowledgeable either about the national scene and/or specific conferences. Nor do I see value in paying to watch matchups that frankly are not very interesting, nor impactful on conference titles or post-season berths.

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    Default Re: NCAA Div II Football Television Survey

    Armo, im not sure if anyone is going to read that.

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    Default Re: NCAA Div II Football Television Survey

    Quote Originally Posted by Divisiontwo View Post
    Armo, im not sure if anyone is going to read that.
    Ha Ha Ha I read every bit of it.

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    Default Re: NCAA Div II Football Television Survey

    Quote Originally Posted by Divisiontwo View Post
    Armo, im not sure if anyone is going to read that.
    I read it and I have nothing to do with this conference or region. I must be desperate for football.

    I also agree with what Armo had to say.


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