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Thread: National College Wheelchair BB tourney

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    Default National College Wheelchair BB tourney

    I was at Southwest MN St today for the National College Wheelchair tournament. Alabama, Auburn, Illinois, UN-Omaha, Southwest, Texas-Arlington and WI-Whitewater were there on the men's side with Alabama, Illinois, Texas-Arlington and WI-Whitewater there for the women. I'm not sure what I expected but it was a lot of fun. Pick & rolls, give & goes, full course pressing- lots of action. Bama had a player who was huge- best player on the court- gave them a big lead at half and when he sat out he first ten minutes of the second half the score against Auburn got close again. Then he went in and it was all over.

    If you ever get a chance to watch it do so. They put a lot of effort in and when they tip over they get themselves back up.

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    Default Re: National College Wheelchair BB tourney

    Can say I would really enjoy watching these athletes. Was not aware UNO fielded a team, will check out their schedule and attend a game. My physiatrist is in a chair and for years played WC basketball and soccer, he told me it's rough and there is a lot of bruises. He is Kelby Krabbenhoft, Sanford Health CEO's brother and his practice is in Lincoln NE.

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    BTW this tournament continues Friday and Saturday. Games can be watched online.


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