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Thread: WOU playing bad

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    Default WOU playing bad

    St. Martin's giving them a game. Omlid playing awful, Triano horrific.

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    Agree. Not sure if it's an off night, or if all credit goes to Saint Martins-perhaps a bit of both. Bouman is giving the leaner Saints a lot of trouble and Omlid has made some plays, but in the whole game picture, this one is not one that goes down as good for Omlid... Saints on the other hand are having a real hard time scoring, but if they could get a couple big ones to fall now, they could get back within a couple possessions?

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    Seemed like in the end WOU's athleticism carried them. Agreed with Bouman as MVP for tourney. Just kinda highlights their depth-Omlid doesn't need to do everything. Saint Martins has to feel pretty good about the effort though. Not many teams have pushed WOU like that this year. The effort should/might help them in the seedings for next week. Looks like CPP lost a close one to UCSD who just earned themselves a ticket to Monmouth and Dixie wins a tight one over CBU... Not a great game for WOU, but it shows that it is very difficult to get or stay within striking distance even when they are having a rough night... Great three days of ball.

    Looks like the women's side of the GNAC got a major shake up last night. Really exciting to see some different teams in that championship game next...

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    I shouldn't be upset, golden era of Wolves basketball. Great season, very pleased.


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