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Thread: Regional Rankings, Round 3

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    Default Regional Rankings, Round 3

    No change to the top 4, but plenty to talk about:

    Rk. TEAM (record) Next opponent:
    1. Western Oregon (26-1) vs. UAA/SPU winner
    2. California Baptist (23-4) vs. CUH/APU winner
    3. Cal Poly Pomona (20-5) vs. SFSU
    4. Dixie State (20-6) vs. CUI/PL winner
    5. Point Loma (19-8) vs. Concordia-Irvine
    6. Saint Martin's (20-6) vs. Central Washington
    7. Chico State (18-7) vs. UCSD
    8. Azusa Pacific (19-9) vs. Chaminade
    9. UC San Diego (18-10) vs. Chico State
    10. Western Washington (19-7) vs. CWU/SMU winner

    Chico and UCSD will play in the early game at the CCAA tournament on Friday in a potential elimination game. Azusa Pacific will face off with Chaminade for the 3rd time in 18 days Thursday with CBU looming in the semis, and WWU has to sit around and wait for a likely battle with St. Martin's knowing even a win there might not be enough.

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    1) Easy to see why UCSD & Chico moved down given their losses last week.
    2) On the other hand, APU took a loss as well, but given many factors, didn't cost them nearly as much and moved up-they probably can't afford to not beat Chaminade this time around.
    3) How many gray hairs will sprout in the committee if UCSD beats Chico? They've split their season series, each team winning at home.
    4) Agree on WWU... They need to get to the GNAC finals to stand a chance, but a lot could happen elsewhere. I will be rooting for SMU though. Chavez is their scoring leader, but really, they don't have a superstar, they are all pretty good, they're disciplined and they have a great up-and-coming coach-would like to see them into the finals in the GNAC and that *might* give them enough breathing room to allow for upsets and to still get an at-large bid. But, getting past CWU and WWU won't be a cakewalk.

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    Here is my analysis.
    1. Western Oregon. A lock to host no matter any results this weekend.
    2. Cal Baptist-a lock. Will need to beat Dixie to stay number 2.
    3. Cal poly Pomona- a lock. Winning the ccaa tourney and cal Baptist loss will give them the 2 seed.
    4.Dixie st. -a lock. Needs to win pac west tourney and have cpp loss to get to 2 seed.
    5. Pt Loma- a lock. Probably won't move up but can move down with a loss to Concordia.
    6. St. Martin's. Probably in but better win at least one game in gnac tourney.
    7. Chico st. Needs to beat ucsd to get in unless Azusa loses to chaminade.
    8. Azusa Pacific- needs to win at least one game, probably 2 to be safe.
    9. UCSD- game against Chico st is an elimination game. Winner gets in loser goes home.
    10. Western Washington. Still has to win conference tourney to get in the dance in my opinion.
    San Marcos eliminated.
    San Francisco st. Has to win CCAA tourney.

    The loss to Dominguez hills killed ucsd. Lost many computer points the committee uses in their formula. Will be an interesting next 72 hours! I was 4 for 4 in my ccaa tourney predictions last night. I predict a Chico vs cpp finals.


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