An amazing week saw teams 5-12 (except St Martin's) all lose at some point. The committee has their hands full where to rank each team. I'll make my best guess here. Maybe one of you has more insight then I do.

1. Western Oregon- a no brainer. Safely in tourney.
2. Cal Baptist- a talented team no doubt, but there needs to be some value to winning your league, and they didn't do it. Safely in tourney.
3. Cal Poly Pomona- went to their game last night per usual. Seem to be peaking at the right time. Without size, will need to continue to make shots. Safely in tourney.
4. Dixie St. Watched their game before I went to CPP game. I was really impressed with their size and defense. Will be an extremely tough out. Should be ranked higher in my opinion due to winning Pac West. Safely in tourney.
5. ucsd- this is where the rankings become a crap shoot. The committee seems to love the Triton's even though they have lost 10 games. I'll keep them here . Safely in tourney.
6. PT Loma- tough loss yesterday but clearly a playoff team
7. St. Martin's- might go higher. A mystery team to me. I think still needs to beat Western Washington to be safely in tourney.
8. Chico st.- an embarrassing loss to SF st. Over the weekend puts them as a true bubble team.
9. San Marcos- see above but insert cal state La instead of SF st.
10. Apu- big loss to chaminade last night. Will have to win at least two tourney games, probably the conference title
11. San Francisco st. Playing well but will need help to get in. Must win conference tourney in my opinion.
12. Western Washington- looked totally overmatched on Thursday. Will have to win conference tourney
13. Concordia- horrendous lost vs academy of arts. Will have to win conference tourney.

Off all the conferences, I could see the CCAA being the only one with outsider winning it's tourney due to it's depth. It's the only Conference that makes 8 teams play in Conference tourney. I'll say cpp, Chico st, UCSD, and San Francisco st win Tuesday.