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    In case you missed it, ...

    Last night Drexel overcame a 53-19 deficit to beat Delaware, 85-83.

    It was the largest comeback in NCAA history (D1).


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    Simply insane to say the least. Drexel for what its worth has struggled mightily the last 5-7 years but I think their Head Coach has them on the right path to success within the CAA. Within 2-3 years I believe they'll be back in the top half of the league. One huge thing that holds them back is their small and inadequate gymnasium. While they did renovate the outside it's the smallest in the conference with Elon set to open their new arena this year.

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    Oh my goodness. I can kind of relate ...

    In December 1989, Gannon at home led Allegheny 59-26 late in the first half, but Allegheny rallied in the second half to take a 79-78 lead before Gannon scored in the closing seconds to win 80-79. The comeback was strange and goofy on many levels. It was interesting to see the process that each fan at the Hammermill went through from being relaxed to completely white-knuckling.

    All's well that ends well ... that Gannon team emerged from that debacle to win the east region and played in the Elite 8.


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