OK, gotta wonder how Dixie players get pumped up to play on the road, but they do and they win on the road. They play in front of huge crowds at home and then hit the road to Cali and Hawaii where few people show up.

Interesting look at their recent schedule.

In four home games in January, Dixie drew: 2,086 (1), 1,883 (!), 2,627 (!!), and 4,110 (!!!). Awesome.

Then Dixie hits the road for four games against Notre Dame D-M and plays in front of 115 fans. That's not the worst, however, as Holy Names (should be Holy No Names with these crowds) got a whopping 95 people to its game vs. Dixie. Then it's off to Dominican for Dixie, playing in front of 193 fans; and they cap their 4-game Cali road swing with a game at Academy of Arts in front of 115 fans. California -- despite it's great prep and collegiate athletic talent -- is a crap sports state.

It's back home for Dixie and they welcome 2,540 fans -- wow!

Then it's off to Hawaii, where obviously all the fun is outside the gym, but better crowds than Cali. Chaminade hosts Dixie in front of 520, and Hawaii Pacific puts in just 389 for the Dixie contest.

I'm jealous of Dixie's fan base.