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Thread: GNAC welcomes February in!

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    The wolves beat the Cavs...


    CWU 92 over WWU 81 - Wow! Vikings join the Nooks on a 3 game slide. Nearly 2500 in the house. Musta been fun!

    NNU 82 over SFU 69

    UAA 67 over SPU 62 - Gritty win for the SeaPups and I'm now feeling like the Seapups are priming themselves to make their home tourney the first weekend of March and there will only be one Alaska school playing. They are playing much tougher than the Nooks right now.

    SMU 80 over UAF 59 - Everything goes as prepared for SMU, all goes wrong for the Nooks... Which happens, but they just fall apart when things don't go right, they can't hang tough, they just collapse. They either can hang in for a tight win or they get steamrolled. Lots and lots and lots to complain about. They gotta learn to make adjustments in a game and they need some subs who can compete at this level. Majorly annoyed. SPU isn't gonna take 2 losses on their home floor in one weekend and right now this weekend is looking disastrous for the Nooks as everyone below them in the standings is putting it in high gear while they fall apart.

    WOU 71 over MSUB 60

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    Wolves got down 14 and had to rally for the win. In the course of a long basketball season, teams have ups and downs. I haven't yet seen anyone run the table in the GNAC or win every game by 20, or not trail in a game. I'm going to the NNU-WWU game on Saturday, hoping for a Nighthawks victory.

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    With 5 road games and 2 at home on the schedule, it is going to be uphill for the Seawolves. But with their best player and another from the rotation out for the rest of the year, just making the conference tourney would be a huge accomplishment for a team of newcomers just figuring out how to play together. We will see. It has been a very interesting year in the entire west region - a lot of parity and it seems kind of a down year overall.

    Looking forward to the conference tourney, but unfortunately this is likely to be the first year our men don't make it.

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    The standings got a huge shake-up on Thursday in the GNAC... Tonight has more potential for that:

    UAF @ SPU - This is a pretty important game for both squads for different reasons. Okay. Yeah. Every game for both these teams is important at this point, but this is the one that matters tonight.

    UAA @ SMU - Again, important. I find it hard for UAA to pull this one out. SMU is knocking on a first round bye in the GNAC tourney at this point, has depth, has their home crowd and they play pretty disciplined. That said, the Seapups are playing tough and they don't roll over.

    CU @ MSUB - Maybe CU can pick up a win????

    WWU @ NNU - Oh baby. NNU only lost to them by 1 in Bellingham and NNU has played some good games on their home floor this year. We gotta know NNU is going to want to come out and pounce. I'm all for a pouncing and I'm sure SMU is all for it too.

    SFU @ CWU - CWU wants to set this record straight after taking a loss in Burnaby this year-hopefully they've got a plan that'll work for redemption rather than a let-down game plan.


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