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Thread: PacWest basketball standings

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    Default PacWest basketball standings

    Like CCAA, good teams bunched near the top, 5 look in contention. Trying to figure out why some teams have played 14 and 13 conference games, while Cal Baptist has 11 games and Chaminade 12 games played. Must be a scheduling quirk:

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    Mostly it's the logistics of scheduling the Hawai'i trips, both to and from. Case in point, Hilo (who has only played 10 conference games so far) has a stretch coming up, thanks to having to include a make-up game with CBU, where they will play five road games in eight days.

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    SJAstumpJ is correct. The CBU-Hilo game was "rained out", road conditions were bad and safety came first. CBU spent 5 days in Hawaii, it rained every day. They only played Chaminade and were waxed. It didn't make sense logistically or financially for CBU to travel back for one make-up game, so now Hilo has even more of a difficult stretch in CA.

    Feb should be fun. I see Dixie, Azuza, CBU and PLoma fighting it out.


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