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Thread: CWU crushes NNU

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    Default CWU crushes NNU

    Score closer than the game probably was, CWU up 26 in the first half. NNU struggles in first halves. Good reason for that, monestary type setting at NNU gym, 298 people in the stands. I couldn't make it and neither could the rest of the city of nearly 90,000.

    NNU is what it is in hoops, very up and down, with some talent that usually can't put it together. Since I've lived here around 15 years, they've had five coaches, some good, some average. But it's the same old deal, blown leads, little defense, jack-a-3 (when you can't hit a 3), small crowds, average die-hard fan around 80 years old (I'm not kidding, bless these people, however, as at least they find their way to the freaking game), absolutely no promotion in the city or anywhere else, etc.

    The song remains the same in Nampa ... oh, good effort by CWU last night, 55 percent (!) from 3-point land.

    * NNU 1 of 11 in the first half from 3, then they keep jacking, 7 for 27 for the game. Maybe, just maybe after years of mediocrity, they need to figure out this strategy -- along with absoutely zero defense -- doesn't win games. I want to get behind the program, but they are maddening.
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    Lights out shooting from CWU! Next we get MSU Billings at home. Would be great to build a 3 game winning streak going into next week's rivalry vs WWU


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