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Thread: GNAC women's hoops

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    Default GNAC women's hoops

    UAA and WWU again look like the teams to beat. WOU absolutely drilled by NNU today. Wish WOU was better, being patient with the coach, but sheesh, lost to two NAIA teams this month and I know NNU is good, but getting beat by 27 in league isn't good. We've sucked for a very long time, unfortunately.

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    APU just chugging along down here at 14-2 on the women's side. Still not sure what happened at Dixie a few weeks ago. Probably the same thing that happened to UAA at Sonoma. Dominican is actually in first right now (4-0 in league to APU's 5-1), with both having home wins over Point Loma already (Cougars still have to make the return visit, the Penguins only drew them once).

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    Standing-wise in the GNAC, NNU, SPU, & MSUB are all on UAA's tail on the women's side. I don't follow the women's side *particularly* close because the UAF women have struggled for as long as I can remember at this point, but it has looked to me like WWU might be a touch down this year on the women's side, but it's probably early to say or know that for sure.

    UAF has a new coach this year, the asst. went to head coach position-not sure if it's interim or permanent, but he hadn't been an asst. for that long and asst. coaches evolve a lot with longer tenures and understanding their roles and stuff. The team is pretty much entirely new and the one community bright spot is the new asst. coach is a former UAF player who has been coaching high school ball for a few years at West Valley High School, right across the street from UAF. She's a Fairbanks, born and raised and she coached Ruthy Hebard, Oregon Duck super sophomore forward and she's got a really likable and dynamic court personality. Not sure what she can do from the asst. spot in her first season there, but at this point, it seems to be the bright spot as UAF has been crushed in 4 out of their 5 conference losses this season. Ouch. I'd love to follow the women more, but I'm a long way from getting to watch a team win occasionally--it's just not fun watching loss after loss after loss and when you don't understand or get what a coach is trying to do, it makes it not worth the trouble. Sorry guys.

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    Wolves women beat WWU, snap 18-game losing streak against evil empire! WOU women have had their ups and downs this year, but this is a nice win and I don't care if this isn't WWU's best team.

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    UAA is very good this year. However, I do not believe they are as dominant as they have been last two years, as they have had a lot of new players to integrate into the system. The loss at Sonoma (who was last in CCAA) was rather inexplicable but just shows that in college basketball nothing is a sure thing. Really have enjoyed seeing Hanna Wandersee (from Kodiak) come into her own this year. Will be surprised if UAA doesn't lose at least 2 games in the GNAC this year.


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