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Thread: Get Ready For 2018

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    Default Get Ready For 2018

    How quickly the 2017 season came and went. GMAC teams learned a lot about how this league might shake out over the next couple of years. Tiffin will be a GMAC member in 2018, and so might Indy and Ashland. Nothing is certain about those last two teams, but there has been a lot of talking going on. The one thing that is certain is that GVSU, Ashland and Bulldog's FSU GLIAC teams did not make it to the NC, despite a lot of preseason and in-season bragging. Posters from the GLIAC believe that conference is the best in the nation. No doubt that the GLIAC has good teams, but other conferences are as good, and some are better. The GMAC? We'll get there one day and I predict that day will come in the not to far off future. Good luck to all the GMAC teams in the off season. We can now look forward to February and signing day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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    Welcome to the G-MAC, Tiffin Dragons!!!


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