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Thread: CWU beats MSU-B

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    Default CWU beats MSU-B

    Wildcats pick up a key conference road win in Billings:

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    Proving you can be 0/6 from 3 and only get 25 rebounds, and still win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CWU Wildcat Nation View Post
    Proving you can be 0/6 from 3 and only get 25 rebounds, and still win!
    Your legit big man won this for the Wildcats ... ah, I miss the days of good low post basketball. Good job, Mr. Niles.

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    I watched the game online. MSUB lost their leading scorer/Humboldt transfer guard a week ago and are playing quite a few freshman in big-minute rolls. It was a hard fought game, but MSUB had soooo many turnovers-that was what cost them the game, for sure. Lots of talented freshman for them, but freshman tend to turn it over more too. Seems like many freshman do not yet understand how good defenses are at this level and how careful one must be with the ball. It was a great and intense game to watch with both teams wanting their first win but both teams made a lot of errors and ultimately MSUB gave it to CWU with their turnovers. I thought MSUB was going to pull it out but CWU played with slightly fewer errors down the stretch. Fun to see CWU for the first time this year--they definitely are in contention for having the wildest hair this year!


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