Congratulations to these top tier teams of making it thus far. This year has been exceptionally exciting and we have seen several teams rise and fall throughout the season. If your team is in the semi-finals... you should consider yourself as having an elite squad this year and should be exceptionally proud of how they have represented their respective schools. They have played hard to get here. This year clearly shows why D-II is so much more exciting than other divisions because 3 of the 4 remaining teams are all on UPSET streaks! They have had road games throughout the playoffs and now each of them have a change at the BIG SHOW! D-II shows that you must show up every week and compete regardless of your size or that of our competitor and the best team will move on, regardless of if it's a small school in a small town in Arkansas or a school double that size from an even smaller town Pennsylvania. Student Athletes are what makes this division great.... and as always find a team to root for because half of the teams remaining will end up in Kansas City for the final showdown!

Notes for this weeks games:
SR1 vs SR2
  • The top total defensive team remaining (IUP) is going against the lowest scoring team remaining (W-FL).
  • The lowest penalized team (W-FL) will battle a team that coughs up almost twice as many yards in penalities (IUP).
  • The #1 ranked SR1 team is battling a team that has upset everybody above them in SR2! Dang I love D2 Football!
  • The stats are clearly skewed this week in favor of IUP, will West Florida show up and complete the upset st of the year?!?

SR3 vs SR4
  • The top passing defense remaining (A&M Comm) is going against the lowest passing offense in (Harding).
  • Let's be honest passing isn't Harding's game, they have built this season off the run and their top rushing attack is almost triple the number of yards A&M allows in a game.
  • Harding has almost double the number of turnovers and half as many penalty yards per game than A&M.
  • A&M, on the other hand, is the overall top scoring offense still remaining.

Now for the stats! Please note, my spreadsheet failed me this week and I don't have the strength percentages. It's something I'm looking into and if I can get it fixed I'll update the data.