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    Sorry, I am looking for a place to vent on this matter. This is a big issue especially with basketball players.

    I am sick of seeing these high school kids "transferring" all the time. And I feel so sorry for Nathan Hale HS in Seattle. NHHS used to be a bunch of crap. Then Brandon Roy took the head coach job there. So, the Porter bros moved from Missouri, and PJ Fuller transferred from Garfield, despite Garfield being a powerhouse program. They go on to win the state title and considered national champs too. From bottom to top in one season. Then Roy took the job at Garfield, the Porters both moved back to Missouri, Fuller transferred to Mater Dei in California, and another kid followed Roy from NHHS to GHS. And now NHHS is back to square one. And now Fuller just announced he is leaving Mater Dei and moving back home to Seattle. Before even playing for Mater Dei. Back to Garfield maybe? And there is rumor of Rainier Beach luring away Lincoln's star player. It is one thing to go from private to public school or vice versa. But to change public schools means moving the family into a different school zone, or the athlete moving to live with a relative. That is absurd. The only reason an athlete should move is if they live in a really rural area and need more exposure. Like Kamaka Hepa living way north in Barrow, Alaska before moving to Portland and getting offered by several big D1 programs. I get that. I think there should be a rule that high school kids need to attend a school district for a full year of school before they can play high school sports. Or even live within the school zone boundary for a given HS for a full school year before they can play for that school. Kids in rural areas can still move if they plan ahead and move during middle school, but all these other kids will be more encouraged to stay put.

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    I'm totally against it. Seattle and Portland (see West Linn High School) are really bad for this stuff, as are many other areas. Where I live, Boise isn't immune to it either. I think unless parents actually live in the district and are zoned for that school, they can't play, period. If it's a private or public school and they transfer, like colleges, they sit out a year. If you're good enough, you'll get recognized.

    Gonzaga's best freshman this year, Kispert, is starting, after playing at very small Kings School last year. He's good whether he's at Kings or Rainier Beach or O'Dea.

    With summer AAU ball in full swing and no signs of stopping soon, there's no need to transfer around. I'm guessing Kispert made his mark in summer circles, though the Zags identified him first as a prep. Later on Duke saw him on the summer circuit and offered, too late by then. Summer ball should squash all transferring, IMO.

    In football, there's a great story in SI about how Wisconsin has a tremendous walk-on program (J.J. Watt) and a lot of guys from towns under 5,000 have put guys in the pros, including one town of 130 people. You're either good or you're not. No reason to transfer.

    Totally agree, CWU Nation, it's gotten out of control. The Fuller kid should not be able to play this year.


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