And here we are... the last week of the regular season. Let's review how each team in your super region landed.
There are several teams that really strived this year making history for the respective schools. You'll find that
some of the "old hats" are still progressing forward and several historically strong teams that headed to the showers.

Overall, I really enjoyed this season and am excited to see monitor the playoffs. Even if your team didn't make the playoffs,
a team from your Super Region did and it would be great to see teams rooting for others that they generally would have brushed
aside. This is Division II after all and these young players are Student Athletes first! This is why "I Chose Division II!"

Good Luck to all D-II teams still in the hunt and may the best team win. If you'd like to review the stats in Head-to-Head
matchups, I have posted a Playoff stats thread here:

Here are Week 11 Stats for your Super Region: