As many of you know the GAC has an automatic bid to the Texarkana Bowl. However, the GAC now is one of three conferences that has an at-large bid to the new Corsicana Bowl and of course the GAC is a potential at-large bid for the Heart of Texas Bowl. So let me do a quick recap of where Ouachita, Arkansas Tech and Harding stand should they lose--we know if they win they are in the playoffs.

1) Ouachita would have the Texarkana Bowl bid because of either head-to-head with Tech or better record than Harding.
2) Arkansas Tech would have Texarkana Bowl bid if Ouachita makes the playoffs. Otherwise, the Wonder Boys will be looking to the Corsicana or Heart of Texas Bowls for a postseason berth.
3) Harding would need Ouachita to make the playoffs and Arkansas-Monticello to beat Southern Arkansas since the Muleriders own head-to-head with the Bisons. Otherwise, Harding will be looking to the Corsicana Bowl or the Heart of Texas Bowl for a postseason berth.

There are 3 other teams with possible shots at bowl berths if they win this weekend. Henderson, Southern Arkansas and Southeastern Oklahoma.

Henderson Summary: The Reddies cannot get the Texarkana Bowl bid. Even with a win over Ouachita, they would be 7-4 versus Ouachita’s 8-3 record. However, a win against Ouachita could make a 7-4 Henderson squad look very enticing to either the Corsicana Bowl or the Heart of Texas Bowl.

Southern Arkansas Summary: The Muleriders will have an outside shot at getting the Texarkana Bowl bid. For Southern Arkansas to get the Texarkana Bowl all of the following must happen:
A) Win against Monticello
B) Ouachita win
C) Tech win

If either Ouachita or Tech lose and do not make the playoffs, they will each have the inside track for the Texarkana Bowl bid due to better records. However, I believe a 7-4 Muleriders team would be an enticing participant for both the Heart of Texas Bowl and the Corsicana Bowl.

Southeastern Oklahoma: The Savage Storm, like the Reddies, cannot get the Texarkana Bowl bid. However, a win against East Central would give Southeastern a 7-4 record and given their geographical location would definitely be a contender for a spot in either the Corsicana Bowl or the Heart of Texas Bowl.